Shiba inu puppy and japanese chinUncle Dexter keeping a close eye on a days-old Shiba puppy

Welcome to SunoJo Kennels, we hope you find this website helpful in learning more about Shiba Inu and Japanese Chin. We are long-term, serious fanciers that have been involved with purebred dogs over 40 years - our goal in breeding dogs is to be respectful of their heritage; progressive in the breeds' development; and particular in placing our dogs with responsible families. Please visit About to learn more about us.

We breed 2 to 3 litters of Shibas every year, but no longer breed Japanese Chin or Akitas. We select our breeding stock and raise each puppy as a future champion - but we can't keep every one, so pet/companion puppies of excellent quality are available to approved pet homes.

Please consider carefully all aspects of adding a dog to your life: the cost, exercise, training, time, and the emotional investment. We hope you enjoy your visit, and that you find information here that enhances your knowledge of Shiba Inu and Japanese Chin.

News as of December 16, 2016

    The little girl from our last litter has now been spoken for. Click here for more information.

  • When another breeding takes place, I will update the website. We are waiting for females to come into season - could be next week, or 5 months from now - the girls don't follow a strict schedule. Once a breeding takes place, I will have application forms available. Please note we do NOT ship puppies.
    57 Shibas from auction; several litters have been born, so there will be puppies available as well. Four organizations will vet, rehab, and rehome them. Safe Harbour is one of them -

    Canadians are welcome to apply, but their laws do not permit shipping - in person pickup only.

  • Show News: SunoJo's Pai Azyuu Go "Yuu" is now an American champion. He had been on a bit of a break since being #1 Shiba Inu in Canada for 2014.
  • Our daughter Rowan and her husband Luke Baggenstos are professional all-breed handlers . Visit their website to see pictures of some of the SunoJo champions and the many different breeds they handle.

  • House of Dogs Pet Resort Need to board your dog? We highly recommend House of Dogs Pet Resort for all your boarding and grooming requirements in Comox/Courtenay (Vancouver Island).

Shiba Inu
This small spitz breed native to Japan can be a wonderful companion, for those looking for a hardy, athletic dog that enjoys both outdoor activity and lounging on the couch. Includes information about the breed, our Shibas, and links to relevant websites.

Japanese Chin
This toy breed is also known as the Japanese Spaniel in Canada. "Toy breed" does not mean a plaything, but rather a small dog that requires indoor living and careful handling.

We have included a 'What Is An Akita' and 'Our Akitas' for information only. Our last litter was in 2000, it has been a long time since we have been involved in the breed. Please do not enquire about Akita puppies; we do NOT breed.