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We hope the information provided on the website answers your basic questions in regards to the breed, our breeding principles, costs, and availability.

We do screen all applicants, as this breed is not suitable for everyone.  We do not recommend this breed for first time dog owners, condo living, or for those who work long hours away from home.

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june 7, 2018

Available to a pet home:
Red Male, born March 31, 2018

Due to a cancellation, we are looking for the right home for Mr. Boots. He is a very energetic, outgoing young man who needs a family with some experience. He loves to run and play, so a yard is required.

Mr. Boots was the first of his litter to climb out of the whelping box; the first to try solid food; the first to discover ANYTHING that might be out. A very smart, confident puppy ideal for someone looking for a companion that is ready for anything!

Pix coming!