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Shiba Inu & Japanese Chin

Jan 9, 2018

American/Canadian Champion SunoJo Pai Azyuu Go  "Yuu"

born: Sept 11, 2013

Sire:  BISS Am/BISS Can Champion Sunojo Buckaroo Banzai

Dam: Can Ch Sunojo's Pai Ah Ten Shun

Yuu is available as either Show/Stud Dog, or as a Companion. We have had him since puppyhood and showed him very successfully in both Canada and the US. He is closely related to all but one of our females, and we did that breeding last fall - and very pleased with the puppies. So his breeding career here has come to an end. 

Yuu is a moderate sized, athletic male with a distinguished and deep pedigree. He enjoys people and is friendly - but a very typical Male Shiba when it comes to other males. Calm and quiet, he is an easy guy to live with. Hips & patellas OFA.

Price as Open (unneutered):
$8000Cdn - approved Shiba fancier only, references required.

Price as Companion (neutered):
$1000Cdn - includes neuter surgery prior to leaving us. Not suitable for a first time dog owner. We do not ship companion dogs, so local only.